Starting a Bracelet from PANDORA The Shops at La Cantera

Starting a Bracelet

Starting a Bracelet from PANDORA The Shops at La Cantera

With a few quick tips, you’ll be off and building a PANDORA bracelet like a pro.

Step 1: Bracelet

PANDORA Bracelets and Charms

Our signature barrel clasp bracelet is made of solid sterling silver. We also offer two-tone and solid 14k gold bracelets. 

Our classic bracelets are flexible, so they will soften and conform to the shape of your wrist over time.

In addition, we have braided leather bracelets, bangles, and a few specialty sterling silver bracelets. Our PANDORA Essence and PANDORA Rose lines also offer unique bracelets.

Step 2: Clips

PANDORA Bracelet with Clips and Charm

PANDORA bracelets have two threaded sections near the front. These areas are for clips. Whereas traditional charms screw or slide onto a bracelet, clips snap onto the two threaded areas. Clips will keep your charms in place as you build a bracelet.

Clips also help your bracelet stretch evenly over time. Just like charms, clips come in a variety of beautiful and unique designs. 

Step 3: Safety Chain

PANDORA Safety Chains

A safety chain is a smart and helpful addition. One end of the chain screws or clips onto your bracelet before anything else, and the other attaches after all the charms are added. This way, no charms can easily fall off your bracelet as you take it on and off.

The safety chain also keeps your bracelet in place as you take it on and off.

Step 4: Charms

PANDORA Birthstone Jewelry

Traditional charms have threaded areas inside their centers that allow them to screw onto a bracelet. Openwork charms are hollow on the inside, so you can simply slide them on and off a bracelet.

Dangle charms have a bale at the top that screws onto your bracelet like a traditional charm. Necklace pendants can also be worn as charms since they can easily slide onto a bracelet.

A unique selection of PANDORA charms feature Murano glass. To make one of these charms, glass is spun by hand around a threaded sterling silver core. Each charm is made of glass that originates from Murano, Italy, where traditional glass-making techniques are still employed by skilled craftsmen. 

Step 5: Spacers

PANDORA Inspiration Within Spacers

As you arrange the charms on you bracelet, you might want to highlight a favorite charm or separate larger ones. Spacers let you do this. Smaller than traditional charms, spacers add movement and dimension to your design.

Spacers come in sterling silver, 14k gold, and PANDORA Rose. They feature colorful enamel and stones.

We also have spacers lined with rubber-like silicone. They will stay in place on a bangle or a smooth bracelet, which doesn’t have the traditional threaded areas. Use silicone-lined spacers to frame charms that you want to keep from moving around freely. Or, use one at the end of your bracelet as a safety measure to secure all your charms. 

Step 6: Care & Cleaning

PANDORA Pavé Charms and Bracelet

Read our Care Instructions page to find out how to keep your bracelet looking its best.

Now that you know the basics of PANDORA bracelet designing, it’s time to experiment and have fun.

If you need a place to start, try balancing a couple charms of similar sizes and styles around a special centerpiece to begin a stunning bracelet.