PANDORA Shimmering Droplets Necklace


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Be creative with PANDORA necklaces.

Create a unique style with our assortment of chains, pendants, and completed necklaces.

PANDORA necklaces are carefully crafted from solid 14k gold, solid sterling silver, and PANDORA Rose. Exquisite details are applied by hand using colorful enamel and shimmering stones. 

Decorated Chains

PANDORA Shimmering Droplets Necklace

PANDORA offers a selection of “decorated” chains.

These sterling silver chains are offset by exquisite designs, such as clusters of pavé or enamel flowers.

PANDORA Poetic Blooms Necklace

They’re equally cute with jeans or a dress, and their whimsical appeal is irresistible.

Chic elegance has never been prettier.

Completed Necklaces

PANDORA Necklace Forget Me Not

Completed PANDORA necklaces include a chain and a pendant. They’re usually adjustable in length.

Some necklaces feature a completely attached pendant. Others have a traditional pendant that can slide on and off the chain.

PANDORA United in Love Necklace

Our completed necklaces often coordinate with matching earrings, rings, and charms. 

Individual Chains & Pendants

PANDORA Rose Light as a Feather Pendants

PANDORA chains come in multiple lengths, styles, and metals. The pendants are just as varied.

Layer a long chain with a short one. Or, wear multiple pendants on the same chain at once.

PANDORA Elegant Beauty Pendant

Pendants can be large and striking or small enough to fit on a charm bracelet. 

Charms as Necklaces

PANDORA 14k Gold Charm Necklace

There’s more than one way to wear a charm. 

PANDORA charms aren’t just for bracelets. They’re also for necklaces. Just add a chain and easily turn your favorite charm into a lovely necklace. 

PANDORA Necklace with Spacers

Charms and spacers let you play with color, texture, and movement as you create a necklace.

For an extra special design, try using a few charms or spacers to frame a traditional necklace pendant.  

Floating Lockets

PANDORA Floating Locket

Traditionally, lockets let us hold treasured photos and memories close to our hearts. The PANDORA Floating Locket is continuing this tradition in an innovative new way.

Tiny charms called Petites are designed to fit inside our Floating Lockets. Some Petites are replicas of larger PANDORA charms, while others carry symbolic meanings or decorations.    

PANDORA Floating Locket

Floating Lockets come in medium and large, and Petites come in sets of three. A medium locket holds 2-4 Petites, and a large locket holds 5-6 Petites. 

  Pick the Petites that represent what you hold dear. Then, fill the locket with your beautiful tokens.