PANDORA Essence Jewelry

Essence Collection

PANDORA Essence Jewelry

The PANDORA Essence Collection celebrates you. 

Inspired by characteristics, values, and emotions, each Essence piece carries significant meaning. 

Create a bracelet, bangle, or necklace to symbolize what you love most about life, yourself, or others. 


PANDORA Essence Charm Bracelet

 Essence bracelets are more slender and lightweight than classic PANDORA bracelets. 

Unlike traditional bracelets, Essence bracelets have no threaded areas and require no clips. Essence charms have rubber-like cores and will remain stationary.

PANDORA Essence bracelets come in solid sterling silver, beaded sterling silver, and two-tone. 


PANDORA Essence Bangle

The Essence bangle features solid sterling silver and a PANDORA signature clasp. 

 As an alternate to the classic bracelet, fill a bangle with all your favorite Essence charms. This sturdy but lightweight bracelet will keep its shape, as opposed to classic bracelets that conform to the shape of your wrist over time.

Fill a bangle with charms, or wear it empty and stacked with other bracelets.


PANDORA Essence Bangles

Essence charms carry symbolic meanings. 

Charms are crafted from genuine stones, sterling silver, and 14k gold. A specific value like Love, Loyalty, or Wisdom is engraved on each charm. 

Rubber-like silicone centers hold Essence charms in place on your bracelet. Charms will only move when gently pushed. 

Please note that Essence charms are smaller than classic PANDORA charms, so they will only fit on Essence bracelets. 


PANDORA Essence Necklace

Pick between two Essence necklace designs, and carry your favorite charms around your neck. 

We offer two different styles: classic sterling silver and beaded sterling silver. Choose the length you like best, and fill it with charms that speak to you.

Care & Cleaning

PANDORA Essence Bangle with Love Charm

Read Care Instructions here.

We offer free PANDORA jewelry cleaning at our store every day. We also offer PANDORA polishing cloths, so you an easily touch up your jewelry at home.

Avoid exposing your Essence charms to water since this could damage their silicone interiors. Only use the soap and water cleaning method discussed on our Care Instructions page for Essence bracelets, bangles, and necklaces. 

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