PANDORA Sterling Silver Jewelry


PANDORA Sterling Silver Jewelry

PANDORA earrings are the perfect finishing touch.

Classic designs come to life in solid 14k gold, sterling silver, and PANDORA Rose. Freshwater cultured pearls and cubic zirconia stones add lovely accents.

PANDORA 14k Gold Timeless Elegance Earrings

PANDORA earrings come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors.

Whether you like statement dangles, delicate studs, or cute hoops, we have just the right pair for you. 


PANDORA Earrings 14k Gold

It’s the tiny details that matter.

One small pair of studs can make a huge difference. Slip a pair on your ears, and notice how they brighten your outfit and your outlook. For the truly adventurous, mix and match different styles of studs and wear them together.

PANDORA Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Studs

Sleek, sterling silver studs create an effortless look with timeless appeal. Warm, 14k gold studs provide a luxurious, celebratory feel. And when you just can’t decide between the two, pick a pair of two-tone studs for the utmost versatility. 

Whichever studs you choose, they can easily transition from day to night.

 Statement Earrings

PANDORA Elegant Beauty Pearl Earrings

Soft and feminine. Edgy and fashionable.

PANDORA statement earrings live up to their name; they make quite a statement. Luminous freshwater cultured pearls decorate elegant drops, while floral dangles often portray sweeping leaves and flowers.

PANDORA Earrings Sterling Silver

Earrings like you’ve never seen before are constantly being added to an ever-growing collection of innovative, modern designs.

Some are reversible. Others include detachable elements, giving you two different styling options with just one pair of earrings.

Stones of Color Collection

PANDORA January Stones of Color Garnet Earrings

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Weddings.

Our Stones of Color Collection lets you celebrate your most important moments. Create a Stones of Color jewelry set in a single birthstone. Or, mix birthstones to create a jewelry set to represent each month that has a special significance to you.

PANDORA January Stones of Color Collection

 Twelve different stones represent the birthstones of every month. Each stone is faceted to reflect the light and resemble the petals of a flower. 

We offer pendants and rings in the Stones of Color Collection, along with Signature Heart charms featuring the birthstones of every month. 

Complete Your Set

PANDORA Earrings and Rings

Did you know? Our earrings are often part of larger collections that include charms, necklaces, rings, and even bracelets.