PANDORA Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jewelry


PANDORA Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jewelry

PANDORA fans waited patiently for a collaboration between Disney and PANDORA. The result is a jewelry collection more magnificent, diverse, and creative than anyone could have expected.

Released in November of 2014, the PANDORA Disney Collection celebrates the magic of your favorite Disney characters and stories. Sparkling jewelry and dazzling charms reflect Disney’s classic themes and inspire childlike enjoyment in fans of all ages.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

PANDORA Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse

With lots of red and polka dots, Mickey and Minnie Mouse come to life in PANDORA charms and jewelry. Collect matching Murano glass, clips, dangles, and classic charms for a bracelet entirely centered around these famous characters.

PANDORA Disney Bangles

Pick out a ring or necklace with matching bright red stones to complete your set.

Disney Princesses

PANDORA Disney Sleeping Beauty Bracelets

Add a touch of fairytale charm to your bracelet with charms featuring Disney princesses. Each character usually has multiple charms, such as a Murano glass signature color, a gown, and a tiara. Even popular sidekick characters like the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty and Maximus from Rapunzel make an appearance in the Disney Collection. 

PANDORA Disney Princesses Jewelry

Collect Disney princess charms from Anna, Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa, Jasmine, Rapunzel, and Snow White. Also, find special charms dedicated to Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, and characters from Alice in Wonderland.

With so many charms, it’s easy to design a whole Disney bracelet. We have clips, charms, spacers, and a safety chain to make your design complete.

Read more about starting a bracelet here.

PANDORA Disney Bracelet

Curious about what specific charms we have in the Disney Collection?  Take a look at charms dedicated to Disney princesses: Disney Charms Fit for a Princess!