PANDORA Charms 14k Gold and Sterling Silver


PANDORA Charms 14k Gold and Sterling Silver

Hobbies. Adventures. Memories. Dreams.  

Hundreds of PANDORA charms give you endless options. Whether your charms are sentimental, fashionable, or a mixture of both, you’ll never run out of ideas.

Sterling Silver & 14k Gold

PANDORA Gold and Sterling Silver Charms

All PANDORA charms are made from solid sterling silver, solid 14k gold, or PANDORA Rose. Two-tone charms combine sterling silver and 14k gold. 

Traditional charms either screw or slide onto your bracelet. They can be decorative and abstract or shaped like objects such as hearts, animals, and hobbies. 


PANDORA Dangle Charms Best Friends

The top part of every dangle is called a “bale.” Each bale will either slide or screw onto a bracelet.

To add movement and texture, try adding a single dangle to the very center of your bracelet. Add multiple dangles all along your bracelet for even more variety.


PANDORA Bracelet Sterling Silver

Clips are a special kind of charm that snap onto the two threaded areas near the center of your bracelet. They save charms from the wear and tear of sliding back and forth over the threaded sections.

Every bracelet needs two clips. Just like charms, clips come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and designs. 


PANDORA Two-Tone Heart Bracelet

Think of spacers as mini charms. 

Pick two identical or coordinating spacers and place them on either side of a charm to frame it, or use them to separate dangles.

Spacers can also fill tiny gaps that aren’t quite big enough to hold full-size charms.

Murano Glass

PANDORA Murano Glass Charms

Murano glass charms are delicate works of art. To make each charm, craftsmen shape molten glass by hand around a sterling silver core.

Multiple colors of glass create patterns and iridescent effects, while cubic zirconia stones add beautiful details.

Safety Chains

PANDORA Safety Chain

 A safety chain has two charm-like pieces that connect to both ends of your bracelet.

 A safety chain will keep charms from sliding off your bracelet. It will also keep your bracelet safely attached to your wrist as you take it on and off.

Free In-Store Cleaning 

PANDORA The Shops at La Cantera Free Cleaning

PANDORA at The Shops at La Cantera offers free cleaning on all your PANDORA jewelry.

Keep your charms looking their best with a free cleaning at least once every six months.