PADNORA Two-Tone Charm Bracelet


PADNORA Two-Tone Charm Bracelet

PANDORA bracelets are finished by hand using solid sterling silver and 14k gold.

We also offer specialty bracelets in our PANDORA RoseEssence, and Disney Collections.  

Classic Bracelets

Classic PANDORA Bracelets

Classic PANDORA bracelets feature a patented threading system that makes them one-of-a-kind.

Special charms called clips snap onto the two threaded sections near the front. The clips divide a bracelet into three equal sections, distributing the weight of your charms to ensure the bracelet will stretch evenly. Over time, the bracelet will soften and conform to the shape of your wrist.

Fill your classic bracelet with charms, spacers, and a safety chain. Read more on our Charms page. 

We offer sterling silver, two-tone, and 14k gold classic bracelets. Two-tone bracelets are sterling silver with a 14k gold clasp. 

Special Clasps

PANDORA Pavé Clasp Bracelet

 A selection of classic bracelets feature clasps with unique shapes and stones instead of the traditional engraved PANDORA logo.

Smooth Bracelets

PANDORA Smooth Bracelet

Smooth bracelets allow charms to move freely without the traditional threaded areas for clips.

You can frame your charms with silicone-lined spacers to keep them exactly where you want. Silicone-lined spacers have rubber insides that let them cling to your bracelet and remain stationary.

Easily reposition the spacers along your bracelet as you add more charms.

Classic Bangles

PANDORA Bracelets and Bangles

Fill PANDORA bangles with charms. Each bangle is elegantly lightweight and durable.

A bangle can be worn as your primary PANDORA charm bracelet, or it can be stacked with other bracelets as a stylish accent. 

 Let your charms float freely, or frame them with silicone-lined spacers to keep them stationary.

PANDORA Classic Bangles

Bangles look pretty full of charms or with just a few.

We offer classic bangles in solid sterling silver, two-tone, and solid 14k gold.

Statement Bangles

PANDORA Signature Bangles

Statement bangles can be worn alone or as complements to your charm bracelets. They are stylish stand-out pieces.

They are often decorated with hand-set cubic zirconia and sterling silver detailing.

Leather Bracelets

PANDORA Leather Bracelets

Wear PANDORA leather bracelets alone as colorful accents, or fill them with a few charms to make them personal. A variety of colors make these bracelets the perfect accessories for any time of year. 

We recommend filling leather bracelets with five to nine charms. Genuine leather is susceptible to stretching and cannot handle the weight of more charms.

PANDORA Bracelets Leather

Stack and layer your leather bracelets for a look that’s playful, adventurous, and fun.

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PANDORA Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

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